The History

The company created by Panagiotis Paulos Malliopoulos the decade of 1940 at Pelopio, Ancient Olympia.

In 1956 the butcher shop moved to the center of Pyrgos, in Patron street, until 1971.

Then in 1971, it changed its address to Achilleos Street.
In 1979 the company moved into a private store on the Kourti street (Avgerinos Square) until the retirement of the founder Panagiotis Paulos Malliopoulos.

Alongside, in 1976, Dimitris Panagiotis Malliopoulos, with his brother Paul, made a fresh start by creating a new company in Themistokleous & Zakynthos street.
In 1986, Dimitris Malliopoulos continued the operation of the store at Manolopoulou and Gregory V street until 2000.

In 1996 Dimitris Malliopoulos created a new shop in Patron street (Patron 27) which is also the current head office.

In 2012, after the retirement of Dimitris, the reins of the business takes his son Panagiotis Malliopoulos until today.
He updates the company by creating a new logo and by renovating the store in 2013, following the trends of the time.





In 2013 we received a distinction in the 2nd Sensory evaluation under the MEAT DAYS ’13 event.

In 2014 we received a distinction in the 3rd Sensory evaluation under the MEAT DAYS ’14 event.

In May 2015 we developed and implemented the food safety management system based on the ISO 22000: 2005 standard

In June 2015 comes the first international award from ITQI organization, based in Brussels, for “Traditional Sausages from Pyrgos”.


ISO 22000:2005


Superior Taste Award - ITQI


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